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Welcome to TangoFlow!® The only dance-fitness workout based on the fluid, sultry and body-sculpting movements of Argentine Tango.

Picture the lyrical flow of 2 dancers, lost in the heat of their embrace...their feet carve loops and spirals as they navigate the crowded floor; his muscular torso swivels, letting her long, loose kicks, or "boleos," fly...TangoFlow!® uses this grace and beauty that define the Art of Tango, to tone and condition, systemically...giving you a tango dancer's body, whether you dance tango, or not!

Created by Cathy Salmons--dancer, teacher, poet and passionate "tanguera"--TangoFlow!® draws from a lifetime of teaching experience and expertise, to deliver a fully effective cardio workout that is also lyrical, expressive and FUN!

The TangoFlow!® Difference

TangoFlow!®targets the hard-to-reach areas. Core muscles, inner thighs, hips, upper arms, waistline, the upper back and belly: TangoFlow!® tones and conditions, while building whole-body balance and alignment.

TangoFlow!® sculpts the classic hourglass figure, through the unique tango principle of "dissociation." Dissociation means the ability to move upper and lower body independently. (Think of twisting the lid on a jar, or wringing water out of a sponge.) Dissociation sculpts the waistline like magic: It's like doing a thousand sit-ups, only a whole lot more fun!

TangoFlow!® is about the music: the very latest in "nuevo tango"--a hip fusion of traditional tango with down-tempo, electronic "groove." VERY popular with young tango dancers in the clubs and "milongas" of Buenos Aires!

TangoFlow!® teaches true dance technique: grace, freedom of movement, body awareness and musicality. You are guaranteed to sweat, get your heart rate up, and tone your muscles. But most important, TangoFlow!® is fun!

Forget about "exercise"...get into the Tango FLOW!


"Cathy has fluidly brought together various dance forms to create a passionate, engaging, quirky and improvisational program of strengthening, toning and body awareness specifically targeted to the muscle groups and movements that tango dancers use."
-Judith Schwartz, Argentine Tango DJ, organizer, instructor and videographer

"As a professional massage therapist, I appreciate Cathy's emphasis on moving with awareness of anatomy. I have also spent years studying many forms of dance, and I feel that the TangoFlow!® workout is one of the best classes I have ever taken!"
-Courtney Edelson, Massage therapist and dancer

"Beautiful music and Cathy's uplifting teaching style made this an immensely enjoyable workout. I lost 20 pounds and gained a great toned body while having a blast. Love these classes!"
-Jessica Hart, designer and teacher

"I have been a college athlete, and TangoFlow!® was more challenging than any practice I ever had!"
-Nathan Williams, college athlete
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